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Related article: Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2007 13:09:50 -0800 (PST) From: T. Chase McPhee Subject: Adventures In Nature 03The story below is a work of fiction, set in the format of reality. Any resemblances to real people, alive or in the hereafter, is entirely coincidental in nature. It is not meant to accurately reflect upon persons, in towns, cities, countries, nor governmental areas, which the story is staged. If a sexual scene involving male-to-male relationships offends you, then you should not read this story. Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age, in most state and countries, you are not allowed to read this story, by law. Check with your local laws regarding such. % Sexual safety matters. Remember guys, this is fiction. In real life, use protection.%"Adventures In Nature" 03 wriTten by T. Chase McPhee%"Hey dads," Philip asks, leaning in between the two front seats of the van, "is it alright if Jeremy comes over and goes swimming with us today?""I can't see why not," Barry, the passenger-dad answers."Cool!" Philip and Aidan both answer."I needed to call Matty and talk to him about any bikes he might have in his mother's garage," Barry finishes up."That's okay," Philip says, Aidan jumping in, "we already asked Matty. Him'n'Chad are bringing Jeremy over in an hour."Philip, sensing his dad's unapproval, adds to the convenience, "And now you don't have to bother calling Matty!"The two boys rest their case, sitting back like little angels.Not buying it one bit, Steve hypothesizes, "And what would you have done if we said `no'?""Um," Aidan answers, "tell Jeremy he can't come?""Wrong!" Barry says. "Next time guys, ask before inviting?"The two preteens agree, also adding they already extended the invitation to Caleb, James, Diego, Seth and a new kid at church, Davide."Davide?" Barry inquires of the last kid on their swimming list. "Have we ever met your friend Davide?""Maybe not," Philip tells him.Aidan kicks in, "He just moved here.""Oh?" Barry questions. "I don't think I've heard of any new family in our neighborhood. Where does he live?""I didn't get it," Philip said."Get what?" Steve asks, looking in the rear view at the two young conversationalists."Davide said he lives at adorm," Aidan reports."Adorm?" Barry asks, then deciphers it to be, "'A' `dorm'?" leaving an interval between the two."Dorm?" Steve questions, "Like at a college?""Is that what you boys mean?" Barry asks the two.Their motioning shoulders, add to their reply, "I dunno", signified the two hadn't a clue.%"How long are you going to stay mad at me, Kev?""Do you have to stand there with your cock in my face?"Hands on his hips, Kirk confronts Kev, a pair of boxer briefs hugging his hips."Y'know, it wasn't my fault you and John broke up, so I don't know why you're giving me the cold shoulder.""So what I am supposed to do?" Kev tells him. "Because I'm not going Preteen Nude Bbs with John anymore, be up for grabs to the next gay guy needing a blow job?""That's not what I meant and you know it, Kev," Kirk says, talking down to his roommate, sitting on the side of the bed. "I was your friend before we even slept together. I still am.""Yeah, I guess," Kev breaks down to realize, adding, "You're right. It wasn't your fault John gave me the boot. I probably should have kept my mouth shut and not have said anything to him.""On the contrary," Kirk disagrees, "I think you did the right thing.""How so?" Kev asks, not oblivious to the slight part in Kirk's boxer shorts, the darkness luring him in."Heck, if I had a relationship with a guy and he told me he slept with another guy, I'd accept it and move on.""You would, would you?" Kev asks, his nose picking up the manscent of Kirk's day-old shorts. Totally off subject, before Kirk can reply, Kev says, "Y'know, you have a hot treasure trail?"With his hand on his stomach, Kirk presses his fingertips in, pressing his stomach inwards, hiking a bit of it out of his boxer-shorts, turning his navel from a perfectly round, deep innie, to a thin slit. "How did we get onto this, from that?""I dunno," Kev replies. "I'm probably as horny as the next gay guy. I like need my ration for the day.""I don't think I get you, Kev.""It's like this, Kirk," Kev says, his hand reaching up, grabbing at the elastic around Kirk's boxers, imprinted with hundreds of little moose.Almost as a planned maneuver, as Kirk's boxers are forced down, his 9c falls out, right onto Kev's palate."Ooooooooooooooh!" Kirk sighs, the nineteen year old's head dropping back, as the warm wetness surrounds his semi-hard meat. "Ooooooh Kev that feels soooooo...soooooo good!"With his lips positioned in a perfect `O', replicating a tight ass, Kev juts his head forwards and backwards, the flange under Kirk's cock almost ready to slide out of the cocksucker's mouth, then Kev feeling the tip of the head, ready to go down his throat. Looking up, it turns Kev on to see Kirk in ecstasy over what he's feeling. This drives Kev to slip a hand in, under the waistband of his lowrise briefs, crowding his already hard shaft and full balls.Suddenly, a knock comes at the door, a soft voice saying, "Hey Kirk! It's me! Jason!"Popping off Kirk's cock, Kev questions, "Dalbec? The dorm cumdump?"Coming down from his sexual high, Kirk replies, "Um, yeah. I like saw him on campus and got to talking with him.... Besides," Kirk addresses the cocksucker, "what makes Jason any different from you, do I dare ask?""Yo, Kirk?" the voice from outside `knocked' on the door.In danger of losing a meal, Kev says, not caring about the slur, "Hell, there's enough of you for two of us!"Even though Kirk pulled up his boxers to cover himself the shorts couldn't hide the hard shaft, falling to a slight angle.As soon as Jason enters, his eyes drop to waist level, saying, "Cool! You're hard for me already?""Um not exactly. I mean, not that I'm not looking forward to it," Kirk carefully chose his words, so as not to offend, "but if you don't mind, is it alright if you and Kev both..." not sure how to put it, "take care of me?""I have no problem, just as long as I get first dibs your load.""I don't know about that," Kev replies, on the sly, lowering his briefs as he stands up to greet Jason, his own 8.5c, nestled in a bed of dark pubic hair, on display, as if to entice."Then again," Jason says, "I guess it doesn't matter from who's baster it comes!"It started out as a hot threesome, but ten minutes into it, Kev lost interest when Jason wanted to suck both cocks at once. Plus, Jason's hands were all over Kirk and Kirk was responding more to Jason's stimulations."Hey, I forgot something," Kev said, kneeling on the bed, his hard shaft hanging down between his thighs, "I forgot I was supposed to draw some guy this afternoon, over at the art studio. I better get moving. Sorry guys."Sitting on his own bed, Kev still stroked his cock, as if watching a porn DVD, seeing Jason placing his hands behind his back, bent at the waist, a slave to Kirk's cock, his pursed lips expertly stroking from head to base, nose smothered in the thick, curly pubes. He thought Kirk really started to get the feel of the top's role, watching his cupped hands take Jason's head and force it up and down his shaft, milking himself faster, then slower. Suddenly, Kev announces, "Shit! I think I'm gonna cum!"With Jason's mouth still on Kirk's cock, with a free hand, Jason motions Kev to come over. He points to Kirk's stomach. Getting the message, Kev furiously strokes his shaft, groaning out loud, as he shoots ropes of cum onto Kirk's stomach and chest. Finishing up, he jokes, "That's for dessert!"%"How about a swim, jock?"Throwing their legs over the side, the two dismount from their horses. Halfway to the circular pond, Juan has his shirt off, Riley still unbuttoning his flannel shirt, instead of a short-strip off over the head. Purposefully, he watches the nineteen year old Latino stop at the water's edge, balancing on one foot to pull off a boot, then repeat, with each pants leg."You're getting behind!" Juan yells back to Riley.Standing there, stripped to the waist, the six foot one inch cop takes his time with his belt, watching the briefs being stripped down, revealing the two mounds, crevice slightly hairy. Without unbuttoning his jeans, his hand is already stimulating his crotch. He pulls his hand out when Juan dives in, temporarily immersing his whole bod. Without further ado, Riley strips down and follows suit. Coming up, he spots Juan, a few feet away, duck under the water. He lets out a wail of pleasure, when he feels lips surround his cock, underwater, then dodge away as if a fish tasting bad bait."Sorry. Preteen Nude Bbs Can't hold my breath forever," Juan says, a cheery grin encompassing his lips."I got a better idea. Why don't we move into drydock?" Riley equals the infectious humor.Dripping wet, the two head for the shoreline, Riley opening the satchel on the side of the saddle, withdrawing a trail blanket. Taking the hint Juan helps stretch it out on the grass."Is this going to work?" Juan asks, regarding fact; the two are tops."Why don't we play it out and see where it goes?" Riley replies, discovering for the first time in his life, being so crazy over a guy he may be knocked off his pedestal.Smiling, the nineteen year old swimmer tumbles onto the covered grass, falling onto his back, interlocking his hands behind his head, as he gets first dibs, "Me first, okay?"Getting the message, Riley stood there, a hand on his torso, the other one rubbing his five o'clock shadow, realizing Juan wasn't giving in to the bottom role. Kneeling, the over six foot tall police officer uses his own legs to part the Latino's thighs, nonchalantly saying, "I guess there's always a first time!""Shit! You mean to tell me you've never sucked a guy?"Riley's silent stare confirmed Juan's supposition."Aiiiiii... then I must be somebody kind of special or something, eh gringo?""Let's just put it this way," Riley Sanchez chose his words carefully, as to make a suggestion, "I've never lowered myself to slave status for a man, if you catch my drift?"Recognizing the game Riley was playing, his pleasing smile morphed into a more evil grin, as he slipped his hands out from behind his head, reaching out towards the twenty-eight year old's hairy chest. All the while, keeping a tight stare, locking eyes, Juan glanced once to make sure his fingers and thumbs targeted the points of Riley's left and right pecs. By feeling, he picked out the two rigid mounds of nipmeat, giving them a light going over, massaging them between his fingers and thumbs."No emotion?" Juan questioned.A smile crossed Riley's lips.Still with an intent stare, Juan clues Riley in, "And this?"The smile stayed, as well as the trained eyes, as Juan pulverized Riley's nips, twisting them hard. This time the quest for a Preteen Nude Bbs response came, not in words, but as Juan broke off the glance, looking down between Riley's legs. One hand, his left, parted company with Riley's right nip, taking up with Riley's hard, 10c shaft. "Now that's more like it," Juan said.Riley letting out a sigh, his mouth shaped like an `O', verbally remarked, "Oooooh," his back arching as his cock was being stroked from base to tip.Daring to see how far he could go with his `top cop', Juan took the dab of goo from the tip of the mushroom head, finding his way below the balls, heading up the back way to Riley's ass door. "Nice and tight... just the way my hard cock likes `em!" Juan comments, waiting for a rebuttal. None forthcoming, he used the pre-lube to poke the tip of his finger inside."Take it easy, huh?" Riley casually said."Why?" Juan again tested his boundaries. "Why should I deprieve both of us of the pleasure of a hot fuck?"Looking upon the nineteen year old Latino top, Riley could sense he wanted him so bad. So much so, he was willing to relinquish his top status, built up since his early teen years, swearing he would never lower his ass for any man. Quick-paced, the years flashed past, thinking of the dozens of men who have worshipped his bod, sucked, licked him, taken his load down-throat and up-ass. Now he was being fingered to have the same done to him and unlike he ever imagined could happen, bowing to this top's wishes, like butter in a frying pan.Coolly, Riley tells him, "So you want to fuck me, huh?""Oh don't worry. I'm going to claim your tight ass, but first I want some hot oral action." As if talking to a submissive bottom, Juan tells him, "And it better be good or I'll be taking a switch to you.""Oh really?" Riley replies highly doubting Juan's motives, but challenged by the audacity, hardly the demeanor of some of the `slaveboys' he's played with.Still being the daring top, Juan says, "You wouldn't be able to tell now, until you feel it, will you?"With some precum extracted, Riley continues massaging the teen's shaft, coating it up with the natural lube. Placing his hands behind his head, Juan smiles as he pushes his luck, "You know, you're pretty good with your hand, but I'd much rather feel something warm and wet stroking me up to fucking stage?"%Instead of walking across campus, to the art building, Kev's false excuse to meet up with a guy for drawing practice, to get him out of his dorm room, he neared the student center. With hand on the glass door, he pulled to open."Hey, Kev!"Exiting, two individuals pressed through the opening, as Kev held the door."Hey man, when are you going to draw us?" Jim asks outright, after Connor greets Kev, offering a brotherly hug."Not right now," Kev replies, with a somber overcast."We can't now," Connor says, adding, "we've got to high tail it over to the library to meet somebody.""Don't let me keep you," Kev replies."Cool," Jim says, "you got our cell number right?""Someplace here," Kev says, feeling up every pocket on him. "I'll let you know."Even though Jim is a macho hottie, Kev focused more on Connor, as they parted company. Seeing the blond from the rear, he instantly thought of John, same build, same tint of shiny blond hair, the sun shining on it making it shimmer. Once again reaching for the door, he lost interest, with his former love interest on his mind. "Fuck!" he cursed himself out. Turning, he paced the short walk away from the student center, hung a right and walked to the open courtyard, head down as if looking for lost change. Parking his ass on a bench, he mulled over missing John. The sun went behind a cloud, but when the cloud cover moved, the rays of sun made it seem like an awakening, jarring Kev out of his dismal reverie. Looking up, an image on the lawn, perked him up. "Where'd he come from?" Kev asked himself, seeing a guy lying on a towel, naked from the waist up, shades parked over the rim of his nose. Completing the picture, a coat of sweat made his bod sweat, which in turn made Kev lick his lips. "Oh c'mon guys," Kev voiced his opinion to the distant trio, as two guys stood between his view and the sunbather. Then, as if following the conversation, the barechested guy does a `crunch', tilting his glasses. The two guys turn and look directly towards Kev. He then realizes it's Jim and Connor. From the other side of the courtyard he sees Jim and Connor laughing, their voices carrying. Then, crossing the lawn, Jim starts walking towards him. Meeting him halfway, Kev asks, "You know that guy?""Yeah, dude. That's the guy we were supposed to meet in the library, only he's giving us a line about catching up on his tan.""Nice tan, too!" Kev tells Jim, as they walk side by side back."Yeah," Jim agrees, "Evan sure is built nicely.""Evan, huh?" Kev asks, his crotch tingling, as they get closer to the perfect specimen of a man. "Anything else I should know about, `Evan'?"Grinning, Jim replies, "He's gay and unattached... that enough to go on?"Unknowing to Jim and Kev, Connor has been giving Evan the once over about Kev."Evan Colfax," the light brown-haired, barechested beauty offers, on the spot, along with a killer smile. Kev extends his hand, but Evan has other plans, as he scoops the nineteen year old up in his arms, opening his mouth wide and placing it over Kev's.Taking Evan's shoulder, Jim pulls him off Kev, saying, "Hey, cool it Ev. Didn't Conn tell you Kev's got a boyfriend?""I told him," Connor responds."Oh, you did?" Evan played stoopid. "I must've missed that part!"Still, Evan's sweaty arm remained around Kev's back, woven underneath his left pit, palm massaging his lower right, getting dangerously close to his beltline."You have to excuse Ev," Jim warns, "he thinks every hot guy he meets is up for grabs.""Oh come off it, Jim. I admit hot guys make me instantly horny, but it's not like I bed everyone I see," Evan replied, though in his mind he ached to see if he could get Kev to go as far as his dorm.Connor laughed, listening to the two tops go at it, knowing even though Jim was two years younger than Evan, he could toss the bull back just as easily."We have yet to see that proven, Evan?""Hey, you're gonna give Kev the wrong impression here, about me!" The killer smile followed Evan's statement.His mind immersed in the conversation, Kev's eyes still wandered to the hot pecs and abs standing next to him. Thinking Evan made the first move, he didn't feel reluctant to say, "Sorry if I'm giving you the wrong impression, but I just gotta have this," Kev states, crooking his neck, mouth open, tongue extended, gliding right over Evan's Preteen Nude Bbs hairy left pec."Oh fuck!" Evan shouts out, as he feels the wet mouth cup over his pec, Kev's tongue pressuring his nip, pushing it into his chest."Yeah, Kev. Teach him a lesson. Eat that nip right off his chest!" Jim makes the sly comment.Throwing his head back, moaning, eyes squinting shut (and not because of the blazing sun), Evan's arm coaxes, rather than pushing away the oral moment. Even when Kev takes Jim's advice and Preteen Nude Bbs clenches his teeth around Evan's nip, pulling it away from the hairy pec, Evan lets it happen."Noooooooo.... don't stop!" Evan says, when Kev backs off.Examining the round, red pec, Connor says, "He got you good, Ev!""He sure fuckin' did!" Evan replies, shooing Connor's hand away from tugging at his nipmeat. Before anyone else can get a word in, he suggests, "Hey, Kev, how about coming back to my dorm and finishing what you've started?""You're not going to invite us, Ev?" Jim asks."Sure. You guys can come along. Hell, we can get a regular fuck-fest going!"Suddenly the luster of the perspired guy, lying in the grass, faded, as the idea of the risque sex jogged Kev's memories. He recalls his brother, Tom, barging into one of his sexual escapades, a roomful of horny guys, stuffing asses and throats with cock, pulling out, restuffing, cum dripping all over the place. Kev found his fingers tracing up and down his own throat, the route many a man's cock took, to fill his stomach with their manjuices."Nah. I think I'll pass," Kev replies. "Look, I've gotta go."Breaking away from Preteen Nude Bbs Evan's arm, still fastened to him like a leash, Kev offers his farewells and strutts away."Was it something I said?" Evan questions the two high school seniors."Prolly," Jim says, adding, "who knows!""What a waste, too. He got me all horned up," Evan comments, a hand clutching his rocks."Well, does your offer still stand?" Connor asks, looking to Evan."'Bout what?""He means the fuck-fest," Jim clues him in, his hand feeling up his own crotch."Sure, if I can..."Cutting Evan off, Jim says, "Now you know what I'm gonna say about that, Ev. Conn's ass if off limits to anybody but me?""Jim, I wasn't even going to suggest it...""Yeah, sure, Ev.""Really.. I was going to say if you didn't mind me filling Connor's gut with my seed. Believe me... I know how you feel about his ass."Tidying up his beach towel, Evan fed his arms into his tank top, then led the two off towards the dorm. On their way, Matt Drijver just happened to cross their path. The idea of a fuck-fest clouded his mind, against better judgement skipping class.%"It could be a long wait.""Hmm?" Tony Gagliardi looked up from dozing off."Denis. He'll be out for hours. Most likely the night. Plus, they'll be transferring him to another area of the hospital.""Sorry to ask, but what's your name again?">From his hands folded across his middle, he extends one to Tony, saying, "Jack... Jack Collier.""Nice to meet you. I'm Tony...""I know. Tony Gagliardi. You're on the college swimming team," Jack rattles off."Hmm... whomever your source is, they're thorough!" Tony replies, still clutching Jack's hand."Yeah, Jose sees all... knows all," Jack divulges his contact."The Latino kid in the wheelchair?" Tony assumes."That's him.""What's wrong with him anyway?""Medically? Nothing," Jack explains. "We're letting him play it out for a few days. The kid deserves a break.""I think you lost me," Tony tells him."C'mon. Walk with me. I'll tell you about it," Jack says, putting his right foot next to Tony's foot, giving a heave to their connecting palms, hauling Tony's ass out of the chair."Strong!" Tony remarks."I workout. You?""Not too much. I mean, coach has us do a lot of prep exercises before we hit the pool. It's about the only time I would consider it a `workout'," Tony explains."Really? You look very good," Jack says, holding his hand out, to usher Tony into the elevator."Thanks, but coach is always bugging me that I should do more crunches."Tapping the back of his hand, his knuckles against Tony's abs, Jack assesses, "Really? You seem hard."In more than one way, Jack was right. Tony wondered if his hand in his pocket, had failed to keep the tip of his hard cock pinned to his waistline. He just smiled at Jack."Say, what's in the bag? You smuggle some grub in for Denis?""Uh, no actually," Tony says, holding the brown paper bag up. "I... well it's a little hard to explain.""Try me," Jack tells.Under his breath, Tony, looking over Jack, wills, `Believe me, I want to!', but instead resorts to the truth, taking each out of the bag, "A can of shaving cream and a package of razors.""The shaving cream, okay, but I don't think the razors would go over too well with security," Jack says. Seeing Tony wasn't getting the connection, Jack turned his hand over, scraping his thumb across his wrist, saying, "Know what I mean?""Denis? Suicide? Shit! Is he that far gone?""They're not saying, but at the same time they don't take any chances. I know Doc Roberts is still working on building a psychological profile of Denis, but right now they have to go on assumptions, until the doctor completes his evaluation."Exiting the elevator, Tony shakes his head in disbelief. "I never would have thought."Down the hall, Jack puts his hand on a doorknob, opening it."What's this?" Tony asks, looking in the small Preteen Nude Bbs room, seeing sheets and other linens folded neatly on shelves."I just thought maybe before anything happens, I should take care of `that'?" Jack replies, staring at Tony's crotch, nodding."Huh?" Tony says, not sure.Waiting for someone to pass, get out of range, Jack whispers, "It's up to you, Tony. If you can't wait ten minutes for me to get off duty, I can suck you dry here. Or, if you're into a nice long oral workout, we can go to my place. Then again, I could do you now and we can still go to my place.""Hmm... I think I'll take door number three!"Grabbing Tony's arm, the nineteen year old college sophomore doesn't fight the feeling, as Jack drags him into the closet. Before Tony can ask `what for', Jack has his hands all over the Italian, lips pulverizing lips, hands at work on Tony's belt.%Copyright 2007 T. Chase McPhee This story may not be sold, nor made part of any collection, without prior consent from the author.
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